Hot but enjoyablebrowning hut

Hacket - Browning circuit – Saturday 25 February 2017

Due to hot weather, the trip was changed from Dun Mountain to the Browning Hut circuit from the Hacket in Aniseed Valley. Eight happy trampers set off along the track about 8.30am. Before long we met a couple of parties returning from their early morning walk before the heat of the day set in. After stopping for morning tea at the picnic table outside Hacket Hut, we took the high track to Browning Hut, where we enjoyed lunch in the shade near the river. On the return trip we followed the lower track alongside the river.

Instead of swimming at the hole at the start of the track, one of our party suggested we stop at the Busch Reserve next the twin bridges where the Roding River boasts an Olympic size swimming hole. Needless to say, our swim or rock squat was wonderful and provided a refreshing end to an enjoyable tramp on a hot and windless day.

The happy trampers were: Alison, Lesley G, Lesley J, Julie, Jeannie, Emy, David S and Mary (scribe).