Cityscape hike– Saturday 25 June 2016grampians


I decided to call this pleasant outing at midwinter’s weekend a hike as it felt far too close to town to be considered a genuine tramp. Six of us ladies met at Victory Square at 9.30am on a true winter’s day.  It was as still as still can be and completely dry with heavy cloud cover to make a change from last year when it rained all the way.

It was only slightly more than a hop, skip and a jump to the top of the railway reserve where we crossed into Bishopdale. We then walked past the quarry to the parking area at the entrance to the Grampian Reserve. From there we climbed Mahoe Track through the bush. Once at the top of that we were certainly going to climb the extra 100 metres to get to the trig. From there we headed down a track on the Brook St side of the Grampians which was new to me. My trusted co-leader Mary knew the way though. It seemed only a little longer before we were out on Van Diemen St and from there we walked along the road and down the Cathedral steps to our lunch reservation at Café d’Affaire. Once there we sat upstairs and told a few real tramping stories while being served lunches which beat any tramping lunch taken from home.

Three of us returned over the Grampians. The others were so relaxed that to climb again could have been too much of a hardship! Mary, Pat, Val and visitors Christine L and Linda, I enjoyed your company. Thanks for joining me – Alison, leader and scribe.