A sunny, winter’s day on Takaka Hill – pieces of paradise2021 08 15 harwoods hole

Takaka Hill Walkway & Harwoods Hole

Sunday 15 August 2021

We pushed ahead with getting this week’s trip underway - originally scheduled for the previous day which apparently was awful on the hill. After the drive and having met at Richmond at 8.30am we started our day’s adventure from the Takaka Hill Walkway carpark at 9.45am.

We chose to walk through the bush first on the downward slope of the hill as it offered some shelter. That was a godsend because by the time we emerged from the tree cover, we no longer required the shelter. It was a 2¾ hour loop including a morning tea stop. There was a bit of everything on the walk or so it seemed – plenty of gorse to tickle the legs of anyone who chose to wear shorts (most were comprehensively covered), snowy mountain views out to the northwest as well as along the Cobb Valley and tomos here and there to keep us sticking to the track.

Lunch was a relaxed social affair supporting local business. The owners of the Woolshed Café said they were delighted to fulfil our booking. We sat back on easy chairs near the cheerily burning fire which really we didn’t need, sipping lattes, slurping pumpkin soup and sampling the most enormous rye bread toasted sandwiches. Once back outside, we passed the time of day with an ostrich, a llama or two and some attractive Perendale sheep.

We then drove down to the end of Canaan Road to the start of our next walk. That was to Harwoods Hole and the lookout high above it. We were fascinated with the sight of the massive hole itself. Yes, we kept our distance from the edges of it. Along with admiring the views from the lookout down to the Takaka Valley meant we spent a whole hour in those two places. We were 2½ hours on that leg of the trip and still arrived back at the cars by 4.30pm.

It was a first time on each of these short walks for me and for many of the others. It proved ideal to marry the two walks together with the fancy lunch in between, making for a complete Sunday outing.

Those who came were Alison (leader and scribe), Brian, Christine, David M, Helen, Jo, Julian, Justine, Kerry, Marian, Paula, Robyn and Sue along with visitors Linda and Martin.