Enjoyable trampingawapoto hut clematis

Awapoto Hut crossover – 29-30 September 2018

All nine trampers meet at Joy’s lifestyle block in Tasman. We departed about 8am and our group headed to Pigeon Saddle. A quick warmup walk into Wainui Falls for about 40 minutes started the day perfectly as we ended up just after noon at the preferred lunch spot overlooking Wainui Bay at high tide. We passed a couple coming out who informed us we would be staying in the hut with two goat hunters.

The climb to the hut was steady and just before 2pm we arrived at the hut 2 hours 50 minutes after leaving Pigeon Saddle. With nothing much to do after a cuppa the ladies amused themselves while Rob on a mission started filling the woodshed, splitting rounds that had been left for many years behind the hut. Good heart timber was recovered for firewood. The downhill group knowing Rob need time to do this, ambled in between 4pm and 4:30pm. The goat hunters arrived with their dogs (very tired and well behaved) about 5pm, and while we had normal tramping tucker, the goat hunters had chops with roast vegetables.

Morning brought a new day with reasonable weather and instant action as the goat hunters’ multi-fuel burner started leaking, so they had to rush it outside but no one was hurt. The uphill group departed first having the longer day. About 30 minutes up the track a clematis required a photo then the goat hunter arrived with Ruby the dog who posed in front of a couple of us under the clematis. We got into a steady pace with one break for water then morning tea about ten minutes before the track down to Wainui Hut. So down we went hoping to see a whio, as they were recently released, but no luck.

So up to the saddle and down to Canaan, four hours and 45 minutes from Awapoto. On our way out we thought we might get to meet the downhillers at the Woolshed Café, alas they were at Pohara soaking up sand and sun. We got back to Joy’s place and a cuppa with Bill – Joy’s husband, waiting for the downhillers. It was enjoyable tramping as the group were all about the same ability, which flowed well.

The group from Pigeon Saddle included Marie, Marian, Pippa and Rob.

The group coming in from Canaan were Maria, Alison, Julian, Julie and Joy.

Rob and Maria