Walking in the rain2018 02 11 maitai caves

Maitai Caves – Sunday 11 February 2018

Six of us left Maitai carpark in light drizzle. For some a chance to avoid housework, for others a chance to try out wet weather gear – but most of all we just felt like a Sunday morning tramp in a beautiful area. Given that the rain was forecast to get considerably heavier in the afternoon, we agreed to shorten the original trip and not necessarily go beyond Sclanders Stream.

 The stream was looking good so some boulder-hopped and others waded across and we then walked along the remarkable two metre wide isthmus separating Sclanders from the South Maitai - and into the beautiful forest beyond. With rain-enhanced colours and the singing stream adding to the feeling, we travelled cautiously over wet rocks and roots for half a kilometre until we reached a good spot for morning tea. What makes a good spot? Food, drink and good company. With all three aplenty we chatted in the pouring rain for many minutes before turning around and retracing our steps.

On the way back to town, the rain really settled in. We were pleased to have made the most of the morning. By late afternoon the lower Maitai River had flooded, closing some streets. Who had the best wet weather gear on the day? Ask Colin, Lesley, Marion, Jeni, Pat and Julian.