A good substitute triphacket hut

Hacket Hut – Saturday 12 August 2017

Do we or don’t we? That is a decision that all trip leaders grapple with when the weather is probably, but not definitely wet. So it was for the planned trip to North Peak. Fifteen people could be wet and cold and have a miserable day on a high peak with no view. On the morning of the trip, rather than cancelling we decided to try for an alternative. Going to the Hacket Hut seemed a good substitute as it would take about the same hours but at least we would have the shelter of a hut at lunchtime rather than sitting in the rain.

Eleven people were keen to get out, so off we set from the Hacket car park with warm gear on and raincoats handy. By morning tea we were in our raincoats. Our route took us off the main Hacket Track uphill to the new Chromite Track and onto the Chrome Saddle. By now the sun was beginning to shine, so off with our coats. The vegetation on the Chrome Road had recently been cut so there was gorse and flax leaves over the track. If we’d thought about it we could have brought our pitchforks or garden forks and removed the debris as we went. There is an interesting development happening at the turn on the ridge of the Chrome Road. From here you get a good view up the Miner River to the Whispering Falls area. Maybe it’s going to be a ‘lookout point’ with a seat. At the next gully the road narrows to a track as we wind our way downward, past the old mines and back onto the main track. Here we observed pygmy mistletoe on manuka.

Lunch was had at the Hacket Hut with everyone sitting outside in the sunshine. Why did I discard my sunhat from my pack this morning? At least I did have sunscreen with me. After lunch break it was a direct walk back to our cars to complete a 13.5km walk for the day. Those participating were: Rob, Maria, Chris, Jo, Val M, David W, Jocelyn, Colin, Di, Pete and visitor Marianne.