An enjoyable winter walk2017 06 17 melrose house

Grampians – Saturday 17 June 2017

We’d sauntered over the hills and had fine views of city and sea having started at Victory Square at 9.30am, walked up the Railway Reserve and over through Bishopdale to the Market Rd entrance to the Grampians. From there we climbed the Kahikatea Track to the top then carried on along the Grampians walkway itself. By that stage the party members were so relaxed I became a bit concerned we’d be late for our Melrose House booking. A little whip cracking was required to get everyone there by 12.15 pm.

Once at the venue and having been served beautifully presented meals and drinks decorated with flowers and fruit everyone relaxed even more. Most of the party were too mellow and laid back to even consider walking back across the Grampians. However Colin, Jocelyn and Lesley were up for it so I accompanied them. We did a fast trot back by a different route along the western side of the Grampians which is sunny in the afternoon until joining the Mahoe Track which took us back down to where we’d started from at Market Rd. A brisk walk along Waimea Rd and Vanguard St kept us in the sun and took us back to the starting point for the day. Thanks to the party members for coming with me on such an enjoyable winter walk without even the burden of preparing or carrying our own lunches.