Every year WTC arranges a Photo Competition and all members are encouraged to take part - the more contributors we get, the more variety and fun. 

An external experienced photographer will carry out the main judging, and all entries plus the results of the competition will be shown at the August club meeting and prize winners announced. 

There will also be the opportunity for members to vote for the People's Choice Award.


2022 Dates: 

Entries are due by Friday 22 July 2022.

Club night presentation is on Wednesday 3 August 2022.



You can enter up to three photos in one or all of the five categories:

•  ABNH.  Above the Bushline (With No Human Element)

•  ABWH.  Above the Bushline (With a Human Element)

•  BBNH.  Below the Bushline (With No Human Element)

•  BBWH.  Below the Bushline (With a Human Element)

•  NFF.  Native Flora & Fauna

A definition of 'Human Element' follows at the end of this document.


Rules & Conditions

•  All digital images are to be submitted in JPEG format, with an aspect ratio of 3:2 (Landscape) or 2:3 (Portrait). 

•  There is a maximum of three entries per person per category.

•  Images must be a minimum of 1MB. There is no maximum size.

•  Images are not to be digitally manipulated other than basic adjustments for cropping, sharpening, exposure, contrast, or similar.

•  Removal or insertion of features not in the original images are not allowed.

•  To enter the competition you must be a paid-up member of WTC and have taken the photos yourself.

•  Photos must have been taken in New Zealand after 1 January 2021.

•  No late entries will be accepted. 

•  All entries must follow the naming convention of Category-Description with no spaces, e.g. 




•  For details of where to email your entries, click This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Format of Club Night 

All entries in each category will be displayed on the big screen.

The voting for The People's Choice Award will take place.

Category by category, the top five images will then be displayed in alphabetical description order, with the judge briefly commenting on / critiquing them.

The judge will announce 3rd, 2nd and 1st places.

After the official judging ends, the results of The People's Choice voting will be announced.


Trophies are presented for:

•  The best photo with No Human Element (Categories 1 & 3).

•  The best photo With a Human Element (Category 2 & 4).

•  The best photo in Native Flora & Fauna (Category 5).


Small prizes are also awarded to all place winners.


After Club Night 

Winning entries will be:

•  Entered onto the club Website under the menu item: Reports / Photo Competition.

•  Posted on the Waimea Tramping Club Facebook page.

•  The 1st & 2nd placed entries in each category will be entered in the FMC (Federated Mountain Councils) Photo Competition.


* * * * *


Human Element

The definition of what is a “Human Element” is flexible but the general intention is:

Where the photo contains as anything other than as a very minor feature: people, a hut, a track sign/marker, bridge, ice axe and anything else that has been introduced by humans into the environment, then we would define that as having “a Human element”.

But if a photo has what could be called a Human Element but that element is very small, inconsequential and not a feature in the photo then you could count it as “No Human Element”.