Every year we arrange a photo competition and all members are encouraged to take part - the more contributors we get, the more variety and fun. 


The display of photographs, voting, and presentation of certificates and trophies will take place at the August club meeting (first Wednesday in August).  

Come along and see New Zealand through the eyes of club members.


Entries for the photo competition close at the July club meeting (first Wednesday in July). An email will be sent out with full details of how to enter.



•  Above the Bushline (With No Human Element)

•  Above the Bushline (With a Human Element)

•  Below the Bushline (With No Human Element)

•  Below the Bushline (With a Human Element)

•  Native Flora & Fauna

•  Historic


Certificates are awarded to all 1st, 2nd and 3rd placings.

Trophies are presented for the winners in categories‘Flora & Fauna’, 'Above/Below the Bushline - no Human Element' and 'Above/Below the Bushline - with a Human Element'.

A framed photo of Balloon Hut is presented to the 'Historic' category winner.


The definition of what is a “Human Element” is flexible but the general intention is:

Where the photo contains as anything other than as a very minor feature: people, a hut, a track sign/marker, bridge, ice axe and anything else that has been introduced by humans into the environment, then we would define that as having “a Human element”.

But if a photo has what could be called a Human Element but that element is very small, inconsequential and not a feature in the photo then you could count it as “No Human Element”.


Rules & Conditions

•  Photos must have been taken in New Zealand by Waimea TC club members after 1st January of the previous year (except for historic photos). e.g. photos in the 2019 Photo Competition must be taken after 1 January 2018.

•  No photos to be digitally manipulated other than by cropping, sharpening, tonal/exposure adjustment or the stitching of panoramas.

•  No entry fees. (Gold coin donation at door for people attending).

•  Three prints per member per category maximum. (i.e. 18 max number of photos entered).

•  Maximum size of print to be 4” x 6”  (102mm x 152mm)

•  Do not mount photos.

•  Print your name, title of the photo, and category on the back of the photo.

•  Also supply a digital copy of all photos on a flash drive/memory stick.