Important Notes

Tramping Grades

Day walks
We can hack it!


Family walks of up to 4 hours on a good track, easy gradient

 Easy/ Moderate

Walks up to 6 hours on a good track, mostly easy gradient


6 hours plus, on a rougher track, some climbing

 Moderate/ Hard

Up to 8 hours on rougher track or route, often climbing

8 hours plus on a rough track, often steep


Weekend trips

Usually in the medium to fitness range, involving a night out in a back-country hut or a tent.

Long weekends

Encompass a wide range of excursions for all degrees of fitness plus other outdoor activities such as biking.

Rules of Conduct on Trips

  1. Members accept that they will be responsible for their own decisions on the risks they are prepared to take on Waimea Tramping Club outings and for ensuring that they, and young people in their care, have the fitness, level of skill and competence required to cope with those risks.

  2. Subject to the above rule members are expected to accept the guidance and direction of the Leader.

  3. Each member is responsible for his/her provisions, equipment, and survival gear.

  4. Members must carry their own first aid kit AND any personal medication they may need AND advise the Leader of such personal medical problems.

  5. No alcohol, no smoking.

  6. No dogs, no firearms.

  7. No lighting of fires in the open.

  8. Pack out your rubbish.

  9. Use toilets or bury wastes 20m away from streams.

  10. Wear adequate clothing.

  11. Wear stout footwear suitable for the terrain.

  12. Stay with the group by keeping the person behind you in sight, know your own abilities, and be considerate of others.

Gear That You Will Need

One Day Trips

  • Good back pack of adequate capacity

  • Boots or strong shoes adequate for the terrain

  • Light walking clothes- shorts and polypropylene recommended

  • Sun hat and sun block

  • Thermal jersey, bush shirt or parka

  • Warm hat or balaclava

  • Mittens and waterproof over-gloves

  • Wind and waterproof parka and over trousers

  • Appertising and nourishing food for the day

  • A flask of water

  • Survival bag or blanket

  • First Aid kit and personal medication

  • Whistle

  • Waterproof matches

  • Candle

  • Notepad and pencil

  • Torch with spare batteries and bulb

For Overnight Trips

  • All the above, packed in plastic bags, in a good pack plus

  • Change of dry clothing including socks

  • Sleeping bag

  • Sufficient food for the trip plus a day's emergency rations

  • Cooker and utensils

  • Toilet necessities The Club can advise and assist you in obtaining the above articles- please ask any of the committee.