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Old Ghost Road opens

posted Dec 23, 2013, 4:19 PM by Robert Wopereis   [ updated Dec 23, 2013, 4:22 PM ]

The 82km long Old Ghost Road in the Buller region officially opened as a through route for trampers on Monday 18 November 2013. Both ends of the trail are able to be used by trampers and cyclists but the middle section (Ghost Lake to Goat Creek) is a rugged unformed 'marked route' suitable only for fit and experienced trampers. Several significant creek and river crossings are in the process of being bridged during 2014 so through route trampers need to plan their trips around weather conditions. All four new huts are available for use and must be booked online but there are also two existing DOC huts along the trail which do not need to be booked. Ghost Lake usage will be heavy from early December 2013 to early March 2014 due to the accommodation of volunteer track workers. A full through route for cyclists is not expected to be completed until October 2015.


Old Ghost Road communal huts with individual bunks cost $15 per person per night.

Basic 4-bunk sleepouts: $90 per sleepout (December - May), or $45 per sleepout (June - November). Each sleepout is locked with a combination padlock.


Old Ghost Road huts and sleepouts:

Lyell Saddle                  11-bunk communal hut plus two 4-person sleepouts

Ghost Lake                   12-bunk communal hut plus two 4-person sleepouts

(Sleepouts open in autumn 2014)

Stern Valley                  10-bunk communal hut

Goat Creek                   4-bunk existing 'basic' DOC communal hut

Mokihinui Forks                        10-bunk existing 'basic' DOC communal hut, recently refurbished

Specimen Point             14-bunk communal hut plus two 4-person sleepouts

                                    (Sleepouts open late 2013)


Tramping times:

Lyell to Lyell Saddle Hut – 5-6 hours / 18km

Lyell Saddle Hut to Ghost Lake Hut – 3-5 hours / 12km

Ghost Lake Hut to Stern Valley Hut – 4-6 hours / 11km

Stern Valley Hut to Specimen Point Hut – 7-11½ hours / 25km

Specimen Point Hut to Seddonville – 4-6 hours / 16km


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