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Better Photography

posted Dec 29, 2014, 2:22 AM by Robert Wopereis
Some tips for taking better photos for next year’s club photo competition:

1. Time of Day: Try shooting in the “golden hour” – just after dawn or just before sunset, when the light is better.

2. Camera Angle: Instead of taking photos at eye level, improve your camera angle by trying your photography at a lower level. Also try moving to a different camera position a few metres away.

3. The Rule of Thirds: If the sky is not the main interest, put the horizon one-third of the way down the photo, or if the sky is the main interest put the horizon two-thirds of the way down the photo.
4. Composition: For landscape shots try to include some foreground objects to give interest, such as tracks, rivers, boulders or fence lines.

5. Less is More: Fill the frame with the subject and don’t hesitate to crop a photograph if needed

6. Sharpness:  Ensure your photos are sharp by using the correct settings, and for landscapes shots, prevent camera movement by resting the camera on a rock, a walking pole, or use a tripod.