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Nelson Lakes National Park News – December 2011

posted Dec 13, 2011, 9:41 PM by Robert Wopereis   [ updated Feb 15, 2012, 1:47 AM ]
 The swingbridge downstream of West Sabine Hut crossing West Sabine River has been destroyed by flood during November. This bridge links West Sabine Hut with the main Sabine Valley Track. The Travers/Sabine Circuit can now only be completed by crossing the river. This may not be possible after rain or for less experienced trampers during normal flow. 
Currently the West Sabine River can be easily crossed on a 15m log, spanning the main flow of the river situated only 50m upstream from the old bridge. A replacement swing bridge is planned to be installed during April at a site only a few metres upstream from the West Sabine Hut.
Also two new toilets were installed at the hut during November, replacing the toilets washed away in December 2010.
Angelus Hut summer booking system started on 28 November and runs until 30 April 2012. DOC is pleased with the running of the booking system last summer. But if trampers arrive at the hut wanting to stay without previously booking, then the penalty is double the normal $20 price.
Last season several people tried to claim refunds when they didn't go because of bad weather.
Late last year an offence occurred when a dog was taken to Angelus Hut for the night and this case has now proceeded to the point where the offender has been offered diversion.
Natural History New Zealand will be filming a new TV series called ‘Wild at Heart’ about NZ's national parks. Although not all national parks will be covered, the three Nelson national parks will be featured.