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Mt Richmond Forest Park News – December 2011

posted Dec 13, 2011, 9:35 PM by Robert Wopereis   [ updated Dec 13, 2011, 9:43 PM ]
Porters Creek Hut has been re-located from the Right Branch Wairoa to Porters Creek during March.
A porch has been built, a woodburner installed and the hut painted in original orange with the hut identification number re-painted on the roof. The hut is six bunks an increase from the old hut's four bunks. The old Porters Creek Hut was relocated to private land in Tasman and is being renovated.
Hunters Hut has undergone extensive work completed in October. A new water tank has been installed in a new position, giving another exit off the veranda. The hut has been re-insulated, re-clad and re-roofed. A new woodburner has been installed, also a large fire escape window, and a new toilet.
Access easements should be finalised soon for the Left Branch Wairoa Track for access to Mid-Wairoa Hut.
When completed the public will have legal access along the existed private road and existing walking track.
Repainting of both the huts in the Left Branch Wairoa is planned for next summer and some volunteers will be invited for this work.
Hacket Hut has been repaired following further recent vandalism. A new 12 metre steel beam footbridge has been built during June that provides all weather access to the hut.
Significant progress has been made tackling wilding pine and fir trees in the Red Hills area. The trial of a new technique involves the application of a Grazon/diesel mix to the bark. The trial has been successful enabling the treating of more than 200 trees per hour.
DOC has entered into a partnership with Nelson Forests Limited. The agreement enables NFL to access plantations through Mt Richmond Forest Park where other access is not feasible and adverse effects of the access are acceptable. In return for the access, NFL will maintain public easement roads like Wai-iti Road (Inwood Lookout Road) as well as contributing towards pine control. Previously DOC has not been in a position to fund the maintenance of these access roads or fund control of all wilding pine work.
There is no vehicle access to the Maitai Dam from November 2011 until May 2012 because of the construction of a secondary water pipeline to Nelson city. But hikers and bikers will still be able to use the Maitai walking and biking tracks which will soon extend to Smiths Ford Bridge. This affects access to the tracks to the Maitai Cave, Dun Mountain, Rush Pool, Dew Lakes and Maungatapu Track.
DOC's Matai Bay Hut in Tennyson Inlet has been saved from removal by local residents. The hut located north-east of Duncan Bay is only accessible by water, was to be relocated to Nydia Bay as warden's quarters for Nydia Lodge. The hut was badly damaged by vandals at Easter and is prone to flooding. The local residents have agreed to take over the management of the hut from DOC.