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Hut & Track News

Hut and Track News - September 2017

posted Sep 18, 2017, 4:40 AM by Robert Wopereis

Lake Rotoroa Route closure
DOC plan to formally close the Lake Rotoroa Route in Nelson Lakes National Park. The route runs along the eastern shore of Lake Rotoroa for 16.2km, linking Rotoroa village with the head of the lake and access to the Sabine Track, Sabine-Speargrass Track and Cedric Route. The route has been unmaintained for over six years, following a number of storms and significant tree windfall events. Historically usage has been low due to it being considered a less than pleasant walk as well as the presence of the water taxi operating on the lake, which eliminates a tough full day’s walking. It is estimated that six staff members would have to take at least two weeks to reopen the track just to a route standard, at a cost of $12-15,000, then with ongoing costs of $3-4,000 per year. Most tramping routes in the park are accessed from St Arnaud, and the Mt Robert-Speargrass-Sabine route is an easier and more pleasant tramp of a similar time and distance to reach the head of Lake Rotoroa.

Angelus Hut
Bookings will now be required for Labour weekend and Queen's Birthday weekend (Friday to Sunday nights) at Angelus Hut in Nelson Lakes National Park. Currently bookings are required during the peak season which runs from late November to 30 April.

The change is in response to a huge increase in visitor numbers at the Angelus Hut over these long weekends in recent years. Reports of up to 52 people crammed into the 28-bunk hut prompted DOC to extend the booking system to cover the two holiday weekends from October 2017.

Blue Lake Hut
A 1,000kg-hut was airlifted to Blue Lake by the New Zealand Defence Force in August 2017 to house DOC hut wardens. Blue Lake, also known as Rotomairewhenua, has the clearest natural fresh water in the world and is considered sacred by local iwi. An NH90 helicopter manned by Air Force and Army personnel, moved the shelter about 32kms from St Arnaud to its new location beside Blue Lake in Nelson lakes National Park

Visitor numbers to Blue Lake has increased significantly since 2015 as word spread about the clarity of the water. Wardens at Blue Lake Hut will be used to manage high numbers of visitors, by staying overnight in the area and ensuring that the lake and environment are protected. The Te Araroa Trail passed through the area, and the trail's growing popularity had also played a part in the increasing number of visitors.

Caroline Creek Hut
A new Caroline Creek Hut is expected to be built this summer 2017-2018 after a delay in plans to build the hut last summer 2016-2017. A generous individual has donated $250,000-$300,000 to replace the antiquated basic 2-bunk Caroline Creek Bivvy in the St James Conservation Area with a 10-bunk standard hut.

Hut and Track News - June 2017

posted Sep 18, 2017, 4:28 AM by Robert Wopereis   [ updated Sep 18, 2017, 4:43 AM ]

Kahurangi National Park
The mountain biking season on the Heaphy Track has been extended into October and November.

Lewis Hut on the Heaphy Track is being threatened by the Lewis River. DOC is monitoring the erosion and is considering future options for the hut.

During April 2017, Sylvester Hut was refurbished internally, including the resurfacing of the floor.

Nelson Lakes National Park
During March 2017, DOC spent three days at Sabine Hut, fixing the wastewater system, cleaning the chimney, roof valleys and the gutters. Vegetation clearance and tree removal was also carried out around the hut.

Thieves have stolen the cast-iron pot belly fireplace from Barbers Hut in South Marlborough during March 2017. It is the first time a fireplace has been stolen from a backcountry hut in Marlborough. The hut can be accessed by 4WD and would have required more than one person to move it from the hut into a vehicle. DOC Renwick community ranger Clare Moore said she could not understand why someone would steal a fireplace from a DOC hut. "People have taken axes before, and that's a real nuisance. But to have people, who are obviously outdoors people, steal a fireplace is hard to understand," she said. The fireplace was worth about $5,000, but DOC installed a replacement from additional parts during April 2017. Barbers Hut is a standard six-bunk hut in the in the Leatham Valley, off the Wairau Valley, popular with both trampers and hunters throughout the year.

DOC rangers have explored Sawcut Gorge during April 2017 for the first time since the Kaikoura earthquake of November 2016. The unique limestone chasm, 150m tall and only 2m wide at points, escaped the disaster unscathed. But the trail was severely damaged and closed indefinitely after the 7.8-magnitude earthquake. It is now a different landscape with steep climbs and deep chasms. Vegetation in the gorge has also taken a hit, which was a concern as there were some rare species of flora along the track. DOC hope to have the track reopened again by this summer 2017-2018. The nearby 6-bunk Isolation Hut was undamaged. Sawcut Gorge is on the Ure River near Ward, 45 kilometres south of Blenheim.

Hut and Track News - March 2017

posted Sep 18, 2017, 4:23 AM by Robert Wopereis   [ updated Sep 18, 2017, 4:30 AM ]

Kahurangi National Park

The swing bridges over Blue Shirt Creek, Shiner Brook and Big River, all near Saxon Hut have been replaced with wooden pole suspension bridges. There are no longer any “NZFS one-at-a-time” swing bridges remaining on the Heaphy Track. The only swing bridges now remaining in Golden Bay are across the Takaka River at the Lower Junction and the Waingaro River near Waingaro Forks Hut.


The Waingaro / Anatoki Loop has had a scrub cut and the anchors on the Waingaro swing bridge have been replaced.


Kings Creek Hut has been painted inside and out during February 2017.


The Charming Creek Walkway is closed until further notice due to instability and rockfall. 


Visitor pressure on DOC facilities in Golden Bay

Road-end car parks at Wharariki, Triangle Flat, Waikoropupu Springs, Wainui Falls, Rawhiti Cave, Paynes Ford and Wainui road end have often been full over the summer school holidays.


The Abel Tasman Coast Track has been fully booked during December 2016 and January 2017. 

Mt Fell Hut upgrade

A second working bee was completed at Mt Fell Hut in Mt Richmond Forest Park on 14-16 January 2017 after being postponed from December because of bad weather. The work included the flying in of a new larger water tank, the installation of a new wood burner and the fitting of some new benches.


A third working bee is scheduled for the weekend of 4-5 March 2017 to complete the relocation and upgrade of the 6-bunk hut. The work planned is a hut paint and the construction of a small woodshed. The project is funded by the Outdoor Recreation Consortium and is being led by Nelson Tramping Club.

Hut and Track News - December 2016

posted Dec 23, 2016, 1:23 AM by Robert Wopereis   [ updated Dec 24, 2016, 2:12 AM ]

Kahurangi National Park

There is a large slip 100m across on the Cobb Valley Track which was most likely caused by a combination of the earthquake on 14 November 2016 and heavy rain. The slip is located ten minutes downstream from the Cobb Tent Camp between Chaffey and Fenella huts. 

Stone Hut has been repainted and a new prefabricated woodshed has also been installed. 

Track clearing has been carried out on the Fyfe River Route involving nine workers over 3½ days.

The Matiri Valley Track has been cleared after work was last done twelve years ago. 

The resurfacing of the track to Mt Arthur Hut has been completed. 

As a result of overcrowding, a new replacement Mt Arthur Hut is being considered, but may not be constructed for a few years. It would be sited at the bush edge, 200-300m from the existing hut. A lack of space prevents a new larger hut being built at the current site. 

New windows have been installed in the northern wall of Flanagans Hut by volunteers from Motueka Tramping Club giving better ventilation. 

A new wood burner has been installed at Upper Gridiron Hut in March 2016 after the previous unsafe wood burner was removed some time ago. 

Nelson Lakes National Park

Blue Lake Hut has been repainted internally and externally and a new wood burner has been installed. A covered deck will be constructed and another toilet will be installed. A bivvy will be sited near the hut for warden’s accommodation. A dedicated camping area with toilets will be provided near Blue Lake with increased interpretive signage. The improvements to facilities at Blue Lake come as a result of increased usage, mostly from Te Araroa trampers. 

Different firewood supplies for some huts in Nelson Lakes are being trialled. Long lengths of slab wood from forestry offcuts are being provided along with sawhorses and saws. This is a result of a large amount of firewood being used this year. Nine tonnes of firewood was flown in to eight huts on the Travers Sabine Circuit in May 2016. This was used up six weeks later, then a further eleven tonnes was flown in. 

The Watson Creek Track in the Matakitaki Valley has been rerouted and windfalls cleared earlier this year. 

Avalanche mitigation work has been carried out at John Tait Hut. Because of the avalanche risk the future of the hut is being considered. 

One of the Travers River swing bridge towers has been repositioned ten metres further back from the river because of riverbank erosion. 

Windfall clearing has been carried out on tracks in the Travers, Sabine, and D’Urville valleys and on the Mt Cedric Track recently. 

A water tank has been installed at Relax Shelter which was refurbished last year. 

Three new larger water tanks have been installed at Bushline Hut. A new wood burner has also been installed and the bunks strengthened. 

A new track will be constructed linking St Arnaud village to the Teetotal campground and the adjacent biking tracks. 

Track clearing has been carried out in Lees Creek, Connors Creek, Hamilton River and Begley River, all in the Upper Wairau Valley recently. 

Nelson Honey Ltd has bought the lease to Rainbow Station from Lone Star Farms but no immediate changes to public access are planned. From Boxing Day to Easter Monday the gates are open and a toll of $25 per 4WD vehicle is payable to the gate manager on the way through. Between Easter Tuesday and Boxing Day the gates are locked and to obtain access contact the Rainbow Station Farm Manager, phone 521 1838 after 6.30pm. Access forms are required to be completed and signed by users at all times. 

Mt Richmond Forest Park

A water tank has been installed at Porters Creek Hut and a wood shed has been constructed. 

A larger water tank has been installed at Slaty Hut. 

More work is planned soon for huts on the Te Araroa Trail in Mt Richmond Forest Park.


DOC is urging people to stay away from huts and tracks in South Marlborough until further notice as they continue to assess damage after the 7.8 magnitude Kaikoura earthquake on 14 November 2016. 

Both the two-bunk Barratts Bivvy and the historic Barratts Hut in the Seaward Kaikoura Range were swept away in a large slip and are buried. Both huts, located close together in the remote Hapuku Valley, were small and had low use.

The Hodder Huts and the route to them are closed until further notice. An assessment by helicopter soon after the earthquake showed the huts looked undamaged except for a water tank and tank stand.

Sawcut Gorge is closed to the public for safety reasons. The Waima Valley suffered from numerous slips after the earthquake but the condition of Sawcut Gorge itself may not be known for a while.

Hut and Track News - March 2016

posted Mar 12, 2016, 11:42 PM by Robert Wopereis   [ updated Mar 12, 2016, 11:45 PM ]

Kahurangi National Park

Soper Shelter

A new tent camp is to be constructed at the head of Lake Stanley. The Golden Bay Alpine & Tramping Club will help build and maintain the tent camp which will be owned by DOC. A work party was scheduled to undertake preliminary work during February 2016, levelling the site, digging a toilet pit and preparing timber framing. The actual construction is planned to take place in March 2016, in the week before, and the week after Easter. The tent camp, on the Anatoki-Waingaro circuit, is being built in honour of the club’s founders Frank and Berna Soper.


Abel Tasman National Park

DOC is proposing an upgrade to the Marahau entrance to the park, including a new entranceway information kiosk, a small carpark information shelter and a new bus parking area.


Nelson Lakes National Park

The recently upgraded Relax Shelter on Mt Robert will have a water tank added, partly to cater for trampers continuing along Robert Ridge to Angelus Hut.


Blue Lake Hut has been repainted inside and out during February 2016. A new stove was installed and general maintenance also done. There has been a recent upsurge in the number visitors to Blue Lake, most likely as a result of increased social media publicity.


Tracks in Connors Creek and Hamilton Creek in the Upper Wairau Valley have been cleared recently. These tracks are used mostly by hunters.


South Marlborough

Flooding during February 2016 has closed road access to the Branch and Leatham catchments. Foot access across the Leatham River swing bridge is still available.


Mt Richmond Forest Park

Flooding during February 2016 has closed the Wairau Valley Northbank Road access to the Goulter catchment.


Mt Fell Hut

The NZ Outdoor Recreation Consortium has recently granted $10,000 in funding to Nelson Tramping Club to assist in the relocation and upgrading of Mt Fell Hut. The 6-bunk hut was closed in March 2015 because it had been found to be located on an active slip and unsafe for occupation. The project is planned for next summer, 2016-2017 with the use of a heavy lift helicopter. The new hut site is in a tussock clearing about 250m southeast of the original site.

Hut and Track News - December 2015

posted Mar 12, 2016, 11:38 PM by Robert Wopereis   [ updated Mar 12, 2016, 11:43 PM ]

Kahurangi National Park

Upgrade work has been carried out on the Kill Devil Track during November 2015.

Debris building up beside the Dart Ford on the Wangapeka Valley road will be dug out this November or December 2015.

A new emergency shelter has been built beside the West Branch Matiri River on the track to Lake Matiri recently.

The track crossing the West Branch Matiri River has been rerouted 200 metres upstream.

The upper Matiri Valley route has had major track clearing undertaken recently, with nine men working over five days. Major track work was last done here 11 years ago.

The Fyfe River Route to Branch Creek Hut has had major track clearing work done recently.

In the near future track work will be done on the Sunrise Peak route.


Nelson Lakes National Park

Relax Shelter on Mt Robert has been completely refurbished and repainted earlier this year.

Interior hut painting has been carried out at Speargrass, Lakehead and Coldwater huts recently. Painting and repairs have been done at Tiraumea and Paske huts.

Angelus Hut has had an internal repaint in November 2015. At one night over Labour weekend 70 people stayed at the 28-bunk hut.

Blue Lake Hut will undergo a full repaint and the installation of new benches and a new wood burner this month.

Restocking of firewood at all the serviced huts in Nelson Lakes National Park amounts to 13 tonnes per year at a cost of $18-19,000.

The D’Urville Valley track has been cleared of significant wind-throw damage.

Other track work has been done recently on the Begley route, Tiraumea and Mole tracks and lower Travers Valley track.

In the near future track work will be done on the Matakitaki Valley track to Downies Hut and the Mount Misery route. Track work will also be done on the Sabine side of the Travers Saddle to reroute the track away from an avalanche path.

Hut and Track News - September 2015

posted Sep 13, 2015, 5:09 AM by Robert Wopereis

Kahurangi National Park

Golden Bay trampers are applying for funding to erect a tent camp on the Waingaro - Anatoki Track.


Debris building up beside the Dart Ford on the Wangapeka Valley Road will be cleared every October or November after trout spawning has finished.


Abel Tasman National Park

Four female kaka will be released near Wainui Hut this month.


Nelson Lakes National Park

The new Buller Bridge at West Bay is due to be opened this month after a three month delay because of bad weather and remedial work needed on the bridge approaches.


New permanent avalanche signage has been installed at Moss Pass and Waiau Pass with temporary signage in the Travers and Sabine valleys.


Mt Richmond Forest Park

Wilding pine poisoning will be done in the Lower Hacket and around the Chromite Mine. Also around Inwood Lookout and Gordons Knob.


The bridge across the Hacket Creek on the Whispering Falls Track washed away by flooding in April 2013 will probably not be replaced. The river bed is too wide for a suitable bridge and the cost is prohibitive.


Mt Fell Hut has been closed because it has been found to be located on an active slip and is unsafe for occupation. It is planned to dismantle and remove the hut.

Matai Bay Hut

Marlborough Sounds residents are investigating cutting a new track to link the Nydia Track to the 6-bunk Matai Bay Hut. The hut located in the Tennyson Inlet has no track or road access and no jetty.

The hut was built in 1968 for hunters and is owned by DOC, and is the only public hut in the Marlborough Sounds.

It is set in a stunning location looking out to islands in Tennyson Inlet, and is used as a base for outdoor pursuits, such as swimming and sailing.


In May 2011 after the hut was vandalised, DOC planned to relocate it to Nydia Bay for wardens’ use.

Keen residents of Duncan and Penzance Bays negotiated to retain the hut, signing an agreement in November 2012 around upgrade and maintenance.


In 2013 the Tennyson Inlet Boat Club raised the hut 500mm, and constructed a deck on two sides. They also installed a new rock pathway and filled in low lying ground.

Future plans are to install a mooring and investigate cutting a track to join up with the Nydia Track and design an interpretation panel.

The hut must be booked beforehand and DOC hut tickets or hut passes are not valid.

Shared occupancy cost is $6 per night or sole occupancy cost is $36 per night for up to six people.

Contact DOC Picton, phone 03 520 3002.      

  - Nelson Marlborough Conservation


Hut and Track News - June 2015

posted Sep 13, 2015, 5:00 AM by Robert Wopereis   [ updated Sep 13, 2015, 5:02 AM ]

Kahurangi National Park

Upgrade work on the Heaphy Track between Perry Saddle and Gouland has been completed. There has been steady use of the track for mountain biking in May, especially on weekends.


The wood burner at the Upper Gridiron Hut has been removed due to its poor state and dangerous condition. There is currently no heating provided inside the hut, although a fire pit is located just outside the hut.


The historic Kill Devil Track is to be improved after suffering erosion damage, particularly from extreme rainstorms in recent years. Golden Bay Mountain Club members have started work to repair the damage and to improve drainage to reduce further damage.
The remedial work will be carried out over three years in conjunction with the Department of Conservation.
The club is being granted $61,500 by the NZ Outdoor Recreation Consortium to fund the repair work.
The work will make the track both better to ride and for trampers to walk on.
The 18.7km track climbs from Uruwhenua Road to the top of the Lockett Range in 57 switchbacks and along the range and down to Waingaro Forks Hut and was developed in the late 1800s as a pack track for gold miners and is part of the Anatoki-Waingaro tramping circuit.
It can be ridden as far as Waingaro Forks Hut although advanced or expert mountain biking skills are required.


Drivers using the Graham Valley Road to access Flora carpark in Kahurangi National Park are asked to only use four-wheel-drive vehicles during winter because of the risks from an active slip. The road’s problematic slip spread debris over the steep road following Easter’s rains, closing it for about 10 days. The active slip has repeatedly moved in wet and stormy weather since the first massive slide in late June 2012 bought down 20,000 cubic metres of debris and closed the road for six months. About $800,000 has so far been spent on keeping the road open since 2012. DOC, Tasman District Council and Fulton Hogan are keen to keep the road open, and on the positive side it seems as though the slip is stabilising.


A new emergency shelter will be built on the north bank of the West Branch Matiri River this month. The building is being provided to encourage trampers returning from Lake Matiri Hut to wait before crossing the river when in flood. A few recent incidents have involved trampers needing to be rescued after attempting to cross the flooded river. The DOC shelter will be a basic structure without any facilities provided.


Abel Tasman National Park

Upgrading of the Wainui Falls track will start this month and is expected to be finished in spring. Five bridges will be replaced including the swing bridge.


Nelson Lakes National Park

There have been an increase in number of trampers and campers in the park over the summer and as a result, extra flights of firewood have been needed for many huts, to stock up before winter. Angelus Hut has often been full, right until the end of March.


All the high alpine routes of Waiau Pass, Travers Saddle and Angelus have been remarked with orange sleeves on waratah poles.


The construction of the new Buller Bridge on the Mt Robert Road is expected to be completed this month. The Lakeside Track carpark is being expanded and the fill removed is being used for the bridge approaches as well as fill from Paddys Track carpark.

Mt Richmond Forest Park

Mt Fell Hut was closed in mid-March 2015 because it had been found to be located on an active slip and is unsafe for occupation. This may affect trampers traversing Mt Fell and Mt Richmond.

Hut and Track News - March 2015

posted Mar 27, 2015, 11:45 PM by Robert Wopereis   [ updated Mar 28, 2015, 12:16 AM ]

Kahurangi National Park

Track clearing has been done between the West Branch Matiri River and Poor Pete’s Hut.

The West Branch Matiri River has eaten into the northern bank recently and a new short section of track will be cut further upstream to avoid the steep climb out of the river.

Larrikins Hut toilet has been replaced.

The track surface and water management on the Heaphy Track between Perry Saddle and the Gouland Downs will be improved over the next two months.

Visitors on the Heaphy Track are up 3% this summer.

The Boulder Lake track has been cleared of windfalls recently.


Abel Tasman National Park

One rat and three mice have been caught recently on the predator free Adele Island.

Visitors on the Abel Tasman Coast Track are up 12% this summer.

An upgrade of the Wainui Falls Track is starting this month.


Nelson Lakes National Park

The construction of the new Buller Road Bridge at West Bay has started, with completion due in May 2015.

Windfalls on the D’Urville Valley track have been cleared during January. The massive work took 300 man hours over four days.

A small section of track near Speargrass Hut on the way to Sabine Hut has been rerouted because of windfalls.

DOC has installed a small repeater at the head of the Hopeless Valley for DOC radio communications purposes.


Mt Richmond Forest Park

Marking of the new Maitland Ridge Track between Beebys Knob and Red Hills Hut has been completed during February 2015.

DOC report a large increase in numbers walking the Te Araroa trail this summer.


New Great Walk proposed

A new two-day Great Walk Track has been proposed in Paparoa National Park. The track would start at Punakaiki’s Pancake Rocks and cross the range and finish at site of the Pike River mine.
A new hut would be built, probably near the escarpment of the Paparoa Range.
A park extension would incorporate the mine to guarantee public access and the walk would take advantage of the road and facilities built by the mining company.


FMC like the idea of a new tramping track in Paparoa National Park but suggest a “Walkway”, like the St James Walkway, would be better than a “Great Walk”, which comes with much higher fees that disadvantage families and those with limited incomes.
Prices for Great Walk huts vary from $22 (Rakiura) to $32 (Heaphy, Abel Tasman) and up to $54 (Milford, Routeburn, Kepler).

Hut and Track News - December 2014

posted Dec 29, 2014, 1:56 AM by Robert Wopereis   [ updated Dec 29, 2014, 2:11 AM ]

Kahurangi National Park

A wood burner will be installed by DOC at Balloon Hut in February or March 2015, replacing the gas heater. This will be paid for by Waimea Tramping Club, mainly funded from a bequest from the late Diana Reeves. Diana was president of the club in the 1990’s and instrumental in the upgrading of the hut in February 1995. To pay for the building of a woodshed and other costs, an application is expected to put in to the new Community Conservation Partnership Fund.


The Graham Valley South Branch Road to the Flora carpark has had been cleared of slips over the last few months, costing DOC and TDC $20,000. Buried road counters on the road show the numbers of vehicles using this access to Kahurangi National Park have dropped significantly as the road is now recommended as 4WD only. The large slip is expected to settle down over time.


The concrete-base Dart Ford on the Wangapeka Valley Road now has the river flowing across it in normal flows, as a result of the build-up of debris upstream. Check the river flow on the TDC website or flowphone if using the road after recent rainfall. A flow of 35 cubic metres per second or more in the Wangapeka River would correspond to the Dart Ford being flooded, preventing access to Rolling Junction or Courthouse Flat. Flowphone: 543 8555 (automated service) or:

A temporary DOC bivvy has been installed in the Tasman Wilderness area of Kahurangi National Park for rock wren research. This small 4-bunk hut is located in a basin on the Grange Ridge above the Beautiful River, a day’s tramp from Roaring Lion Hut.
Photos: Mark Townsend, DOC Motueka

Abel Tasman National Park

Anchorage Hut is the first backcountry hut in NZ with Wi-Fi available. This is a locked Wi-Fi for educational purposes, with only a limited number of websites available, such as DOC and Project Janzoon. 60% of visitors to Abel Tasman National Park are from overseas with many carrying mobile devices.


Nelson Lakes National Park

The D’Urville Track between D’Urville Hut and Morgan Hut is impassable because of windfalls.


The construction of the new Buller road bridge at West Bay has been delayed until February 2015.


Mt Richmond Forest Park

Track clearing and the installation of more snow poles has been carried out on the Alpine Route between Red Hills Hut, Porters Creek Hut and Hunters Hut. This track clearing is normally only carried out every 10 years. There has been an increase in usage of this track over the last few years, including 20-50 Te Araroa Trail users per year. Top Wairoa Hut has been recently repainted in its original colour with the hut number on the roof.


A new track from Beebys Knob to Red Hills Hut has been hand-cut by Nelson MTB Trails Trust volunteers and is now 90% complete. The dual use track is not yet signposted or fully marked but can be followed by experienced trampers. The trail will be called the Maitland Ridge Track and is named after the original surveyor. Some of the old 20th century survey pegs are still visible beside the trail.


Dun Mountain Track

Construction is underway of the Brook Waimarama Sanctuary pest-proof fence in the upper Brook Stream. The fence will be built parallel to the Dun Mountain Track at a distance of 50m downhill. To ensure public safety while the work goes on, some public walking tracks are being temporarily closed. The Dun Mountain Track will be closed from Four Corners to Third House from 24 November to 19 December 2014 and 12 January to 15 March 2015. Closures will be between 7am to 5pm Monday to Friday. Tracks will be open on weekends and public holidays. The sanctuary’s public track system will remain open during the fence construction.

The first phase of work will be for the earthworks to create the bench platform on which the fence will be built (lasting about six months); the second phase will be actual fence construction (lasting about 15 months, with a three month overlap). The fence construction is expected to be completed by about April 2016.

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