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President's Report - 2017

Waimea Tramping Club AGM - Wednesday 4th May 2017 

The day is bleak, the rain continues to fall softly, mist creeps over the hills as I ponder over the contents of the President’s Report. As I flick through the last 22 years of Newsletters, I notice that Robert has been our Editor since 2005. 

Prior to 2008, the President wrote a report for each Newsletter but since then, Robert does an “Editor’s Report” and also compiles “Club” and “Hut and Track News”. You will all agree that our Newsletter is well presented, informative and of a high quality. This Newsletter is now mostly circulated in electronic form. Robert, we are very grateful and thank you so much for your consistently fine efforts.

In September, Colin Bell took over as Treasurer from Graham Soppit. Graham had been our Treasurer for the past 10 years. Many thanks to Graham for keeping the books so meticulously over all those years. 

Thanks Jo, not only for so ably liaising the change-over of Treasurer, but for dealing with correspondence, taking Minutes (while giving hours) and keeping our paperwork (and me) up to date. Thank you. 

Thank you to the Committee for all your valued contributions and efforts. Much appreciated. 

I have to make a mention of a member, Richard Walker, who received the ‘Operational Gold Award’, in the 2015 Search and Rescue Awards, for his part in a challenging rescue of two tourists on route to Angelus Hut. Congratulations and thank goodness for people like you - prepared to endure discomforts for the sake of others.

Next, I’d like to make a special mention of our Trip Leaders, of which there are 12 (Alison, Chris, David, Geoff, Ian, Jo, Jocelyn, Julian, Maria, Mary, Rob, Robert). Without them the trips would not be offered.  A special thanks to them all, for volunteering and taking responsibility to organise transport, watch the weather and lead or cancel the trip, and then to write a ‘trip report’. Well done! 

Our Programme has been varied and offers a trip every weekend. My highlights would have to be the 1000 Acre Plateau, Croesus Track and Lake Man trips. I am sure you all have fond memories of trips you have participated in and that you all look forward to creating more tramping memories. Your participation and companionship is valued. 

The past year seems to have been busy with projects. Completing the installation of the wood fire and woodshed at Balloon Hut, cutting and clearing the Chromite loop track, the opening of the Soper Shelter and the relocation of the Mt Fell Hut. Well done to all those helping with those projects that benefit many others. 

The theme for Social Activities in the last year, has been food, with a Pot Luck Meal, a BBQ and the Mid-Winter Dinner. 

The ‘Big Beach Clean Up’ was moved to March. Again our club helped out. 

Club Nights have mainly been educational, but we did also get a couple of ‘armchair’ trips to Alaska and caught up with information from DOC. 

Our Photo Competition categories were altered to fit in with those of FMC so we could more easily enter our winning photos into the National Competition. Many interesting pictures were shared at this event and then displayed in the Tasman Library. FMC have again tweaked the categories, so we will too. 

2016 Statistics:

Club membership at the end of 2016 was 81 (similar to 82 in 2015). 

During 2016 there were 38 trips (compared to 49 in 2015). There were 26 day trips, 4 overnight trips and 8 long weekend trips. There were 9 trips cancelled (approx. 24% of scheduled trips), of which 7 were due to the weather and 2 due to low numbers. Day trips averaged 10 trampers (ranging from 3 to 17), overnight trips averaged 5 people and long weekend trips averaged 7 participants. 

The total number of trampers on all trips during 2016 was 332, an average of 9 people per trip (compared to 494 in 2015, with an average of 10 per trip). 

Of completed day trips, 38% were scheduled on a Saturday and 62% on a Sunday. 

Of the 38 trips in 2016, 9 went to Mt Richmond Forest Park, 9 to Kahurangi National Park, 5 to Nelson Lakes NP, 4 trips in the Nelson or Richmond area, 3 trips in the Marlborough Sounds, 2 trips to Abel Tasman NP, 2 trips in the Lewis Pass area, 1 trip in the Paparoa Range and 1 in Arthur's Pass NP and 2 trips in other areas. 

Thanks everyone for your participation. We look forward to another great year of tramping and comradeship. 

Maria Brooks


Editor's Report - March 2018 

We have been through a summer of extremes, from a very hot December, through to the wettest February on record for Nelson which included three extreme weather events. Let’s hope for a more settled period of weather for our upcoming tramping trips.

Despite a large number of wet days recently, only two tramping trips during the last three months have been cancelled. The well-enjoyed weekend trips have travelled to the Salisbury Lodge & caves in the west, Mole Tops in the south, also Mt Fell & Mt Richmond in the east.

Some upcoming weekend trips include Kaikoura at Easter, Hunters Hut during May, D’Urville Island at Queen’s Birthday weekend, Wakaretu Bay in mid-June and Mangarakau at the end of June. Interspersed with these are a good number of day trips to suit different tastes. 

Keep on tramping

Robert Wopereis


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